korte film / videoclip  

American Dreams

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

short film, 9 min.
Engish/Russian spoken

director: Eelko Ferwerda, sceenplay: Eelko Ferwerda & Marcel Visbeen, cinematography: Peter Jan van der Burgh, sound: Victor Horstink, art direction: Ben Zuywijk, sound design: Jan Willem van den Brink, editor: Job ter Burg, producers: Marcel Visbeen (Selwyn Film) & Michel Smit (Cultural Development).

with: Victoria Koblenko, Tijn Docter, Rodney Beddall, and more.

premiere: 31 Januari 2006, International Film Festival Rotterdam

In 1962 a Russian family travelled to the West to realise their American dream, not knowing that they were about to change history forever.

Realised within the Kort Rotterdams 2006 project.

The first film of my own production company Selwyn Film.

Directed by Eelko Ferwerda, who won the Hollywood Discovery Award 2006 at the Hollywood Film Festival with this short.

complete film (9 min.)