The Heart of Rotterdam, resurrection revue with John Buijsman

May 1940. The war has started, Rotterdam is occupied and the heart of the city is a smoking ruin. What do the citizens need in such a time? A revue! Anton Koolhaas has a plan and invites four other writers to join him. Together they write a theatrical revue to encourage and console the people of Rotterdam.The premiere is a mere three months after the center of the city has vanished.

John Buijsman took the initiative for a remake of that peculiar theatre piece. He asked five modern day writers with Rotterdam roots to write a view on the past, present and future of the rebuild city: Nelleke Noordervliet, Abdelkader Benali, Elfie Tromp, Ernest van der Kwast en Ramsey Nasr.

Keimpe de Jong composed the music. Marcel Visbeen directst (his grandfather Ben Stroman was one of the initial writers in 1940) and John Buijsman plays all the parts.

The revue premieres on May 13th and will run up to May 25th.

For more information and tickets: use this link.



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